1. Entrapment law in the United States does not require police officers to identify themselves as police in the case of a sting or other undercover work, and police officers may lie in doing such work.
  2. You can photograph anyone without their permission on public property.
  3. It is rarely necessary to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person report.
  4. Driving barefoot is not illegal.
  5. When arrested you are not limited to just one phone call.
  6. Drawing on a dollar bill is not illegal in most cases.
  7. Drinking age is not a federal law.
  8. You can record a police officer as long as you are not interfering with the cops business.
  9. A cop does not have to read you your Miranda Rights when arresting you, it’s only if they need to question you.
  10. Counting cards is not illegal in casinos.