1. Martin Luther King being arrested for demanding service at a white-only restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida, 1964 
  2. The 3245 year old seal on Tutankhamen’s tomb before it was broken, 1922 
  3. An American soldier cradles a wounded Japanese boy and shelters him from the rain in an airplane cockpit during the Battle of Saipan while waiting to transport him to a field hospital, July 1944. 
  4. A Russian Soldier Looking Over Istanbul. In 1878 Russian army had almost reached Istanbul 
  5. Soviet border guards patrolling the USSR-China border (now Kazakhstan-China border) near Khorgos, 1984 
  6. Barack and Michelle Obama wedding photo, October 3, 1992. 
  7. Marilyn Monroe entertaining troops on stage in Korea (1954). 
  8. Russians wait in line outside a first McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Moscow 1991 
  9. As Queen Elizabeth II rides past, a foot guard passes out (1970) 
  10. Police officer guarding a pharmacy in high-flood waters, Ontario, 1974