1. 1980 National Space Invaders Championship
  2. The world’s last commercial sailing ship, The Pamir, rounding Cape Horn for the last time in 1949
  3. Man eating rice, China, 1901-1904
  4. F1 pilot ejects at extremely low altitude. The pilot survived with multiple fractures. 1962
  5. German fraternity mirror selfie, 1912
  6. At the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, Union and Confederate veterans shake hands. 1913
  7. A motorist stops to get directions from a state trooper in New Mexico, 1939
  8. Members of the Oxford University Boat Club pose for a photograph, early 1960s (Stephen Hawking with handkerchief)
  9. A pickup truck flees from the pyroclastic flows spewing from the Mt.Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, on June 17, 1991. This was the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century
  10. The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936