1. There are 1,311 people who live in Verkhoyansk, Russia, a town with an average temperature of -45C (-50F) in January. In 2012, the town was attacked by a pack of 400 wolves.
  2. When famed jeweler Harry Winston donated the 45 carat Hope Diamond, valued at $200 to $250 million USD, to the Smithsonian, he simply shipped it via the US Postal Service in a box wrapped in brown paper.
  3. Great Wall of China was built using sticky rice, creating a super-strong mortar that remains the best available material for restoring ancient buildings to this day.
  4. Southern sweet tea was originally used to show wealth, as tea, ice, and sugar were all very expensive at the time.
  5. Dr Seuss’s first book was rejected 20+ times. He was on his way to burn it when he ran into a college friend who had just been made children’s editor at Vanguard Press. Seuss later said, ‘If I’d been going down the other side of Madison Ave, I’d be in the dry-cleaning business today.’
  6. France classifies books as an “essential good,” along with electricity, bread, and water.
  7. A type of food fraud where honey is cut with cheaper sugars and syrups and then sold as pure honey. This is called ‘Honey Laundering’.
  8. The 2003 invasion of Iraq was initially called “Operation Iraqi Liberation”, but was quickly changed to “Operation Iraqi Freedom” due to the acronym spelling out “OIL”.
  9. Both Tom Hanks & George Clooney are related to Abraham Lincoln.
  10. Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey in Friends, and comedian Louis CK were classmates in both junior high and high school.