1. BuzzFeed – You have some free time but don’t know how to waste it? BuzzFeed contains articles about almost everything, and as a tip: you should also read the comments! We promise you’ll be entertained.
  2. Bored Panda – Wasting time has never been more interesting. Bored Panda is a blog where you can find all of the viral stories about animals, art, people and technology. You can also vote for each article.
  3. TED – On TED you can see and hear mostly conferences and video talks. If you enjoy hearing motivational speeches or just life stories of interesting people, this website is the right choice for you.
  4. Mental Floss – If you ever have time to waste and you’re thinking about why yawning is contagious for example, you’ll find the answer on this websites. You can even ask your own questions if you want to.
  5. WaitButWhy – If you’re not into watching funny videos or memes, you’ll definitely enjoy this website. It contains really well-written articles about almost everything, and besides being interesting, the author is also funny!
  6. College Humor – Are you a comedy fan? Check out the hilarious articles published every day and you won’t get bored ever again. The website also provides funny videos and entertaining photos.
  7. Wikipedia – Everybody uses Wikipedia, but have you ever considered using it for more than just reading random facts?
  8. Giphy – When words are not enough, look for the perfect GIF to describe exactly what you’re feeling.
  9. Lifehacker – It teaches you how to be more productive and is full of life hacks that you didn’t know about. It covers all sorts of topics, from money making and savings to funny useful life hacks.
  10. Funny or Die – Check out the best funny videos, photos and sketches from the internet. The website includes videos from famous people but also short clips of their users.