1. Drinking soda – It doesn’t matter if it’s diet soda; it is still one of the main factors that contribute to weight gain. Studies have shown that diet soda can make you gain even more belly fat than regular soda.
  2. Sleeping too little – When you’re sleeping less than 6 hours per night you feel the need to “treat” exhaustion with sugar or coffee. While it might seem that sweets give you energy, after a few hours the body will only want more.
  3. Not drinking enough water – Instead of drinking a glass of soda replace it with water. When the body it’s not hydrated, it retains more fat.
  4. Eating at restaurants – Get control of what you’re eating by cooking for yourself. You never know how much fat or sugar restaurants add to your food to make it taste better.
  5. Stress – When you’re stressed you have the tendency to eat more. Comfort food will only add a few inches to your thighs and belly. Instead of eating, try working out or going for a short walk.
  6. Skipping meals – Whenever you’re skipping a meal, you will only be even hungrier the next time you sit at the table. Therefore, you’ll end up eating more than you actually need.
  7. Eating quickly – It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full.
  8. Friends – Studies have shown that if your friends have really bad eating habits, you will probably be influenced to eat as much as they do. The same thing goes for your partner.
  9. Being lazy – Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on the couch and watching TV after having a big portion of food? Unfortunately, this is one of the main causes why people get fat. Try going out for a walk instead.
  10. Reading labels – Learn to read the labels of food before eating it. If it says that it’s healthy on the box or bottle, it doesn’t mean that it actually is.