1.  Buy high-quality shapewear. Although it may sound really pretentious, wearing shapewear really works. If you plan on “losing a few pounds” overnight, these products will help you to get an hourglass figure.
  2.  Buy the right clothes. If you’re trying to hide some unwanted features, make sure that you buy the right clothes. Pick the best design and the right size! A smaller pair of pants won’t do you any favors. Be true to yourself and buy what fits your body and your needs. Bulky clothing will also add a few pounds.
  3. Wear black. It’s true that dark clothing makes everyone look thinner because it gives the illusion of creating a long vertical line.
  4. Get a tan. If going on vacation is not an option, getting a fake tan is easier than you might think. A darker skin will hide some of the body’s imperfections so if you want to commit to looking thinner without exercising, going to the tanning salon will help.
  5. Fix the bloating problem. Being bloated all the time might add a size to your clothes. In order to feel better drink more water, eat a lot of vegetables and fresh foods, eat more fiber and avoid any beverage that could create gas. It’s also important to eat in small bites and to chew the food as much as possible.
  6. Beauty tricks. Every woman should know a trick or two about makeup. If you want your face to look thinner, buy a contour kit and learn how to correctly apply blush. Start with the darker shades and don’t forget that blending is the secret.
  7. The right haircut. If you’re looking for a quick solution to look thinner, then you should consider changing your hairstyle. Try layers and curly hair. Avoid bangs and really short haircuts.
  8. Wear high heels. A pair of high heels will definitely give you a slimmer appearance. Keep in mind that the syle of the shoe matters. A thick strap wrapped around the ankle will give the illusion of a shorter leg, while a low-cut vamp will make your feet look thinner.
  9. High-waist pants. A dark pair of jeans with a high waist will give the impression that you lost a few pounds in a couple of seconds. Chose a stretchy fabric, without buttons or any other ornaments.
  10. Vertical stripes. Looking longer/taller has never been easier. Wear clothes with vertical stripes for a thinner look. They will never get out of fashion.