1. Code4Startup – Learn to code by creating real life startup projects.
  2. Emot.es – Website with all the emoticons you need!
  3. JustDelete.Me – Curated list of links to close accounts on various internet services. Good alternative for Account Killer.
  4. Can I stream It? – Once you pick a movie, find out where you can stream it.
  5. Canva – Simple graphic designer for bloggers.
  6. Mathway – Solves any kind of math problem, from basic math to chemical equations.
  7. The Black Vault – Database of everything that has ever been declassified or released through the freedom of Information Act.
  8. Onlineclock.net – When you need an alarm clock in your browser.
  9. wwwhere – Hundreds of resources for web developers.
  10. HTML to PDF – Convert a website to a PDF file.
  11. How Long to Read This – Find out how long you’ll take to read any book.
  12. The Rasterbator – Make a printable poster out of any image.
  13. Popcorn Time – Watch movies and TV shows instantly using a torrent file.
  14. Compressor.io – Optimize and compress your images online.
  15. FreeDocumentary.tv – Hundreds of free documentaries you can watch in your browser.