1. Investopedia – This website was born to provide a news blog that makes it easy to digest and understand the financial markets.
  2. PopURLs – Currently trending news around the World.
  3. What Should I Read Next – A website which suggests you a good book to read. Just enter a title or author and will give you a recommendations based on other readers’ favorite books.
  4. Newsmap – Another news aggregator site, similar to PopURLs. Newsmap is getting the trending news from Google News feed. It has a nice design, titles in boxes, the size of the boxes indicates, how important the given news is. Flash player is required to view the site.
  5. How Stuff Work – Interesting articles every day.
  6. Duolingo – Learn a new language in an interactive way for free.
  7. TED – “Ideas worth spreading”. Awesome TED talks (videos) every day in topics like psychology, marketing, politics and much more.
  8. Open Source Food – Thousands of recipes uploaded by the users.
  9. Mind Hacks – Neuroscience and psychology life hacks and tricks gets posted here almost every day. The website started in 2004, there are hundreds of articles to read.
  10. Cliff Notes – If you are in high school or college you should definitely bookmark this site! Cliffsnotes provides valuable resources like study guides and test prep for standard books and subjects you’ll have to read anyway.
  11. The World Factbook – The CIA has pretty much information about everything around the World and most of these infos are public! Ideal website for researchers.
  12. Make Use Of – A tech site which gets updated multiple times every day. Lot of articles and how-to guides.
  13. Codecademy – Learn to code interactively, for free. Best way to start learning a programming language.
  14. Lumosity – The website figures out what your strengths and weaknesses (such as memory or math skills) and assigns you games accordingly.
  15. PipeBytes – Not a regular file sharing website. Upload anything via your browser and send it directly to your friend’s computer (no 3rd party can view the file). The beauty of this site is that the recipient can download the file while you upload it. Maximum transfer speed is 30MBit/sec.