1. Coursera – Learning how to learn. Start with this course and it will be easier to complete the other ones.
  2. Udacity – How to build a startup. If you have a business idea, this course will help to bring your idea to life.
  3. MIT OpenCourseWare – Introduction to microeconomics by an MIT professor.
  4. Udacity – Introduction to statistics. You should start this course because data analysis is the core of everything in business.
  5. EdX – Introduction to Computer Science. Course is held by a professor from Harvard University.
  6. Chandoo.org – Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. You can impress any employers with your knowledge of spreadsheets.
  7. Course – Learn negotiation. Courses held by a professor from the University of Michigan.
  8. Keybr.com – Practice faster and better typing.
  9. Chesscademy – Learn how to play chess online.
  10. British Red Cross – Learn the basics of First Aid.
  11. Duolingo – Best way to learn language for free. You won’t be fluent in the language, but gives you the basic skill to speak dozens of languages.
  12. AnimatedKnots.com – Learn how to tye different type of knots with simple animations.
  13. Udacity – Course about Artificial Intelligence. Some knowledge about linear algebra and probability theory is suggested.
  14. Coursera – How to reason and argue. Given by two professors from Duke university in a 12 weeks span for free!
  15. EdX – Learn the basics of the popular operating system, Linux.