1. NASA spent millions of dollars on a space pen – Actually NASA used pencils too like the Russians.
  2. Vikings had horns on their helmets – The origin of this myth is a painting from 1876, where vikings first appeared with a horn on their helmets.
  3. Every thought the World was flat in Columbus’ time – Educated people in that time knew the World was round.
  4. Undercover police always have to answer yes to the “Are you a cop?” question – In US undercover police are not required to identify themselves as cops.
  5. Sunflowers track the sun – Sunflowers generally face east.
  6. Tongue and taste – There are no different sections on tongue for each taste.
  7. Birds can smell if a human touched their babies – Birds have weak sense of smell and it is totally safe to return a little bird to its nest.
  8. Dogs doesn’t sweat – They do. Actually dogs sweat through their footpads.
  9. We have only 5 senses – The truth is we have around 20, like balance, hunger, movement etc.
  10. Chameleons changing their color to blend in with their surroundings – This isn’t true either. They change their color to communicate.
  11. Goldfish has bad memory – According to a group of researchers goldfish can remember for more than three months.
  12. The 5 second rule – When food reaches the floor it picks up germs almost immediately.
  13. Oil prevents pasta from sticking together – This isn’t true, but it can prevent water foaming and boiling over.
  14. House flies live for only 24 hours – In fact they life up to 30 days.
  15. We only use 10% of our brain – We use 100% of our brain, but some parts are not always active. Brain uses around 20% of the calorie intake and oxygen we breath in, so it would be illogical that something that uses so much resources only use 1/10 of its capacity.