1. CinemaSwipe – Guess the movie from a single screenshot.
  2. Console Living Room – Created by the Internet Archives, you can play 900 classic arcade games in your browser.
  3. Reddit – Reddit is the most addictive website for millions of people worldwide. According to traffic stats the site makes a little less than 1 million unique visitors every day and 90% of them are returning users.
  4. The useless web – Similar to StumbleUpon (which can also be addictive), but instead of useful and educational sites it shows you completely useless one.
  5. Mental_Floss – Random interesting and amazing facts.
  6. Plink – Make music with other people live.
  7. SNES Fun – Play SNES games in your browser!
  8. GeoGuesser – This awesome websites gives you a random street view location and you have to guess where you are in the World. You can also share your map and challenge your friends.
  9. Wonder How To – Learn impressive and useful things.
  10. 2leep – Collection of bizarre blogs and articles.
  11. Eyes In Space – Fly up to the space while you can look around.
  12. Uncrate – The ultimate gadget guide for men.
  13. Where Cool Things Happen – Daily resource for cool things.
  14. Cracked – Source of bizarre and interesting lists.
  15. Ovguide – Search for a movie you want to watch or discover new ones.
  16. Build With Chrome – Build anything with LEGO in your browser.