1. Waterproof shoes – Are you sick of getting your snickers wet every time it’s raining? Buy some beeswax and spread it on the material. Dry it with a hairdryer, and you’re done! No water will penetrate through your shoes anymore.
  2. Drying clothes – If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to wait for your favorite T-shirt to dry, wrap a dry towel around it and twist it. The towel will absorb all of the excess water.
  3. Are your shoes smelly or wet? Put some rice in them to absorb the moisture and a few tea bags for a refreshed smell.
  4. New Shoes – If your shoes are too small or too tight, you can make them wearable by filling them with some wet paper or a wet towel. Stuff them well, and let them dry with the paper still inside.
  5. Camping hack – Did you know that thanks to the fat and chemicals they contain, potato chips are great for starting a fire?
  6. Lost an earring? – If you’ve lost a small item in your home and you can’t find it, place a thin sock on the end of the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming. The item will be stuck in the sock.
  7. Prevent you garbage from leaking by putting a newspaper at the bottom of the bin. It will absorb any liquid and will help you keep the kitchen clean.
  8. If your phone charger keeps bending and breaking, take the spring from an old pen and wrap it on the end of the cable.
  9. You no longer have to wait for ages for your drink to get cold in the freezer. Wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle, as it will make it cold four times faster.
  10. If you have identical keys on your keychain, paint them with different colors of nail polish. You will identify them much faster.
  11. Don’t add ice cubes to your wine. Prevent watering it down by freezing a few grapes, and then adding them to your drink.
  12. Don’t waste Nutella after the jar is almost empty. Pour some milk in it to make hot chocolate, or add some ice cream.
  13. For iced coffee, freeze some coffee cubes. Next time you’ll be drinking your coffee it won’t be watered down.
  14. When boiling eggs, add a teaspoon of baking soda into the water. The shell will come off a lot easier.
  15. If you hate ironing, use your hair straightener to iron the collar of your shirt.
  16. Make sure that your pizza will still be warm by the time you get home, by turning on your seat warmer (then place the box of pizza on the warm seat).