When booking a flight, it’s important to do a little research before, just to be sure that you find the best deal. Here are the best websites that will help you find the cheapest flight:

1. Google Flights. By using Google Flights you can find the best deal available in a matter of seconds. Search for Google’s top pick to find the best match.
2. KAYAK. This website if the perfect choice if you don’t have time to do more research on different websites. Use the “set up price alerts” feature, as you’ll be receiving e-mails when the prices drop.
3. DealRay. Although they charge a monthly fee starting from the second month, it’s worth it as they even send text messages to your phone to let you know when the best deals are available.
4. Momondo. Their mobile app is perfect for booking flight tickets when you’re in a hurry. Also, the website is well-known for finding the best deals for short-term trips.
5. Expedia. Although the website is not as friendly as the previously mentioned one, Expedia excels at finding cheap flights in the US.
6. Adioso. This website wins the ‘better looking’ contest and It’s really easy to use by those who don’t have that much experience in booking a flight.
7. Skyscanner. It’s one of the first websites that included low-cost airlines and it’s still one of the best.