1. Reduces stress – If you are reading a great story or watching a good movie you will forget about your problems for that time.
  2. Knowledge – You can learn while reading.
  3. Improves memory – When you are reading you have to memorize the characters, their motivation, places etc. If you are reading a lot you will be able to memorize things in life easier.
  4. More to talk about – If you are reading books you will have more in common with other people to talk about.
  5. Improves imagination – Fantasy and sci-fi is proven to improve people’s imagination.
  6. Better verbal abilities – Those who read a lot can express themselves easier.
  7. Improves writing skill – Most of the famous writers read hundreds of books before started writing their own.
  8. Vocabulary – While reading you can add dozens of words to your vocabulary.
  9. Entertainment – Besides all the positive effects of reading it is a great fun too!