1. Household Hacker – They have a really popular YouTube channel, but you can find many articles on their website.
  2. /r/LifeHacks – Reddit community for lifehacks. Mostly tips gets posted, but requests can be made too.
  3. LifeHacker.com – Arguably the most popular lifehacker website. Their motto: “Tips and downloads for getting things done”.
  4. 1000LifeHacks.com – Not only 1000 but there are already more than 1600 lifehacks on the site.
  5. @LifeHacks – Daily dozens of lifehacks gets tweeted on this account. Another awesome Twitter account worth to follow: @TipsForYouDaily.
  6. LifeHackable.com – Mostly lifehacks, but sometimes other interesting stuff gets posted.
  7. Pinterest – Pinterest is the most popular visual discovery tool. A simple search for “lifehacks” will show you thousands of images.
  8. Lifehack.org – As the title says: “Tips for Life”.
  9. Imgur LifeHacks – Lifehacks in pictures and albums.
  10. Art of Manliness – Not just lifehacks, but other useful knowledge.