1. Study Body Language – Website with well written articles and images to demonstrate body language signs.
  2. Wikihow – Useful tutorial by Wikihow for absolute beginners.
  3. Go Body Language – Videos and articles from the basics. Not completely free, but the first few lessons are.
  4. /r/BodyLanguage – Reddit community for learning body language. On the sidebar you can find links to related subreddits. Similar subreddit is /r/NonverbalComm.
  5. Psychology Today – Ultimate guide to body language.
  6. TED – “How your body language shapes who you are”, presented by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. This is one of the most popular TED Talk.
  7. Forbes – Article about 7 surprising truths about body language.
  8. YouTube РThere are dozens of body language videos on YouTube, but this is the best one. Body language experts demonstrating how famous and powerful people uses body language.
  9. Science of People – Guide to reading microexpressions.
  10. Deviantart РInformative picture to teach you about facial expression.