1. The concept of Bitcoin, the first digital currency, came from a programmer, who uses the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. We still don’t know who the real person is behind that name.
  2. Cryptocurrency is a form of currency, which doesn’t use coins or notes, only exists digitally.
  3. They can be made by mining, which for Bitcoin nowadays needs extremely strong hardware, because the difficulty of mining is harder by time. You can read about how mining works here.
  4. Although many people believe that cryptocurrencies are 100% anonymous, it is not true. Because the block chain is public for everyone (informations about the Bitcoins stored on different addresses, transactions) it is possible to link a real person to an address if it is revealed.
  5. Bitcoin payments are irreversible, and because sometimes the sender doesn’t know who is the receiver, can’t ask for refund.
  6. Bitcoin price is volatile! It is not recommended to store lot of money in cryptocurrencies, because it may drastically lose it’s value. For example Bitcoin’s value in December, 2013 was around $1000 per coin, today it is only $400. But worth to mention, the price was only $10 per Bitcoin 2 years ago today.
  7. Cryptocurrencies are stored on digital wallets. There are also other alternatives to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like paper wallet.
  8. Bitcoin is still in development, so there are still security breaches which hackers can exploit, but teams of developers are constantly working on patching these holes.
  9. You can acquire coins by mining or buying it on an exchange.
  10. The most popular coin is Bitcoin, but there are other popular cryptocurrencies (called altcoins) like Litecoin or Dogecoin.