1. Pinterest – This time of the year dozens of new pictures of Halloween costumes are uploaded.
  2. Popsugar – Relatively new article with 102 do-it-yourself costume ideas.
  3. Youtube – Among hundreds of Halloween costume DIY tutorial videos this is the best one. Contains multiple tutorials for different costumes.
  4. Reddit – Hundreds of cool costume ideas from redditors. This askreddit thread from last year can also be helpful.
  5. Huffington Post – Cute and funny costume ideas for little kids. HuffPost’s this year article about DIY costumes.
  6. Vancity Buzz – 35 great ideas for this year’s Halloween.
  7. Island Crisis – 10 scary costume ideas for girls. From classic witch to well detailed zombie costumes.
  8. WikiHow – Tutorial on how to create a zombie costume. The article is well written, the steps are easy and the material costs are very low.