1. GeoGuesser – You get a random place from Google Street View, you can’t zoom out. Guess where you are!
  2. Unplug The TV – Offers you hundreds of interesting and useful videos, making watching TV unnecessary.
  3. StumbleUpon – Shows you awesome websites based on your interest. Browse dozens of different categories.
  4. Flight Radar – Live flight radar integrated with Google Maps. Check out what kind of plane is flying above you!
  5. Snopes – You heard a rumor about someone/something, but you don’t believe it? Visit Snopes.com, where myths get busted.
  6. NickReboot – Cartoons from 90’s. Streaming 24/7.
  7. Imgur – Browse currently trending images and search for categories.
  8. Svejk.co – Lists, videos and more awesome stuff.
  9. Yup, That Exists – Odd things, that exists for some reason. Can be nsfw sometimes.
  10. One Tiny Hand – Someone is altering images, and make people’s one hand smaller. The pictures are hilarious!
  11. Reddit.tv – Currently popular videos from Reddit.