1. You’re getting old – Website that gives you stats about your life so far in an awesome way.
  2. Clickhole – BuzzFeed parody from the creators of The Onion sarcastic news site.
  3. Made /w Code – A customized bracelet that you can have 3D-printed. Made by Google. Also they will send you it for free if you live in the US.
  4. Printable Paper – Useful for school start and saves you a lot of money. Download and print many kind of papers for free like “Dot Paper with 2.5mm spacing on A4-sized paper” or “Columnar Paper with six columns on A4-sized paper in landscape orientation” and hundreds more.
  5. Joshworth.com – If the Moon were only 1 pixel. Scroll and be amazed!
  6. ChessCademy – Awesome site to learn chess.
  7. Zanorg.com Blog – French blog, but the Flash application is unbelievably cool. 40 popular songs split up into the used instruments, each instrument can be activated and deactivated separately.
  8. Gigapan.com – 45 gigapixel panorama picture of Dubai. Zoom!
  9. Mailinator – Disposable e-mail account. Useful when you don’t want to receive spam to your main e-mail account.
  10. Midomi – The site is like Shazam, but for PC, however you can sing the song yourself or hum it if you don’t know the words.