The popularity of YouTube has peaked in the last years. Everyone uses this platform to watch videos online and millions of creators share their content there. YouTube continues to grow every day, and we probably won’t see the end of it anytime soon.

Nonetheless, there are more and more users who have become unhappy with YouTube’s changes. That is why many of them have started to search another platform. If you are one of those persons, we are here to share with you the best alternatives for YouTube.

You probably heard about Vimeo before. At the moment, this platform is preferred by artists or filmmakers, who are there to share their art. If you enjoy cinematography, animation, music, dance or other types of art, then Vimeo is ideal for you.

You will get to experience original works and at the same time you will enjoy them at a great quality. Vimeo allows 4K Ultra HD visual content with HDR. Another thing that you will definitely like is the fact that Vimeo does not come with ads.

However, one drawback for this platform is the fact that there is a 500 MB weekly upload limit. If you upgrade for another version, the limit will move to 5 GB, but this isn’t considered enough by most content creators either.

Veoh is great because you will get to watch long videos. That is because users are allowed to post videos of unlimited length, which means that you will even find movies and TV shows there. The interface is simple enough and it also comes with social networking options.

Internet’s Archive is amazing because it works like a library and it stores almost anything, from photography to books and movies. If we focus on the video section we can many surprises there. You will discover TV series, movies and documentaries.

The search settings are also very advanced and you will be able to search by the year, topic or language. The videos that you will find there aren’t probably on other platforms. You can also upload content of your own.

When you think about blockchain you probably think about cryptocurrency. DTube however is a platform that uses the same technology. If you enjoy YouTube, you will like that the user interface is a similar one.

You will see the hot, trending and watched categories on your homepage and you will be able to save videos in order to watch them later. DTube is also ad-free, and the best part about it is the fact that you can earn cryptocurrency by uploading videos or commenting.

If you are only looking for music, Vevo is amazing. There are all sorts of music videos that you can watch at high quality. The interface works smoothly and you will able to find all the artists of the moment on this platform.